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Samsung Engineering MEMBERSHIP PASS Samsung Engineering MEMBERSHIP PASS
Strong Sense of Belonging
to cultivate individuals who are highly committed


New Employee Gate Program

This program is designed to instill among new employees a sense of ownership and pride as a new member of Samsung Engineering, and support them in creating outcomes by helping them adjust rapidly to the new working environment.

New Graduate Recruit Training This training is designed specifically to inspire new graduate recruits setting their foot in society for the first time to foster the proper values and mindset as an employee at Samsung Engineering. The purpose of this training is to instill a sense of belonging and pride as a professional in the company by fully embracing the corporate values and organizational culture. Experienced Recruit Training This training is designed with the purpose of supporting our highly-qualified experienced recruits to understand the corporate values and organizational culture of Samsung Engineering and to realize their full potential to contribute to the growth of the company through their experience and capabilities. Global Recruit Training This training is designed to provide introductory training for our global recruits to help them adjust to the corporate culture and work environment of Samsung Engineering where global employees from over thirty different countries from around the world are currently working and thus set the foundation for a global Samsung Engineering company.
Leadership Program

The Leadership Program aims to develop strong leaders at various levels of hierarchy and provide them with the skills and tools that will aid them in realizing the company's mid- and long-term objectives and sustained growth.

Leadership Program for Part Leader Candidates This program is designed to nurture next generation leaders to equip them with the needed leadership capability so that they may grow as managers. Leadership Program for Juniors This program is designed for associate and assistant manager levels to build them up as the company’s growth engine by instilling in them self-leadership. Winning Communication Program This is a special leadership program to enhance business execution capability of leaders by raising their confidence and teaching them about business communications.
Next-Gen Leader Development

This program nurtures, at an early stage, outstanding employees who will pioneer the potential future markets and lead business execution in strategic countries, and foster next generation management leaders by selecting employees with outstanding capabilities.

Regional Specialist This program identifies self-realizing, passionate, and global-minded individuals and offers them opportunities to live and work in strategically important countries to nurture them as regional specialists and to utilize them as core talents for global business execution. Samsung MBA·EMBA With the purpose of cultivating next generation leaders, this program selects the finest talents at the associate-level to send them on an MBA course to train them as management experts in business management, finance, and planning. As for manager-level talents, an EMBA course is provided to enhance their global business capability and expand their business mindset.
Professional Training

Samsung Engineering offers a framework for essential courses for each function and operates programs for our employees from all levels designed to develop job experts by elevating overall project execution capability to the highest level through voluntarily participation of such courses.

Fast Track Program for New Graduate Recruit This program is designed to provide early professionalization courses to new graduate recruits on their first year of hire. The program enables them to secure the basic job capabilities to independently carry out their tasks as project members. PM·CM Academy The PM·CM Academy is a premier program to cultivate project leaders of core job groups for project management, construction and procurement to equip individuals with essential capabilities such as project management methodology, safety and quality, leadership, global mindset capabilities so that they may successfully lead the execution of the project. Job Specialization Training (Basic/Advanced) This program is a specialized professional training to cultivate job experts from the 4 functional sectors - project management, engineering, construction and procurement. It consists of two courses: the basic course, which provides the basic skills to become a job specialist, and the advanced course, which is a specialized professional course for working-level managers. AE Practical Training This program is a practical training program which fosters basic knowledge and working-level capability regarding each of the 8 major disciplines in engineering. It is a problem-solving type course where assistant-manager-level talents get to actually solve core task issues by disciplines. EPC Professional Faculty This program is an open-type training designed to give a basic understanding of each jobs to all employees by developing major contents of each of the functions (project management, engineering, procurement, construction) through the collaboration with each of the business divisions.
Global Capacity Development

By providing training support for our overseas branch offices, the program is designed to enhance capabilities specific to the branch offices and nurture talents to have the required global mindset and communication skills as employees of a global company.

Global HRD Designed to enhance the capability of locally recruited talents at the overseas branch office, this program provides support for mandatory training for each level, job specialization training specific to the branch offices and leadership programs. All programs of the Global HRD are of the same basis with that of headquarters' talent development framework. Practical Business English This course is a tailored language program designed to improve English communication capabilities for our overseas project execution employees in project management, procurement, engineering and construction. Global Mindset Program Designed to foster an "all for one" working environment for both Korean and global employees, this program is run based on the major themes of mutual consideration, communication and harmony.