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Corporate Social Responsibility

Samsung Engineering seeks to improve conditions around the world through our social contribution programs. Company-wide, we utilize our strengths and resources to benefit local communities and help children and families in need. Individually, our employees are encouraged to take part in the many volunteer programs offered by the company.

Launched in 1996 under the name Kumpooh, Eco-Generation provides environmental education for young people through educational events, classroom materials, and lectures by environmental experts, celebrities, volunteers, and government officials. Working in collaboration with national and international environmental education organizations, Eco-Generation aims to inspire the environmental leaders of tomorrow and raise their interest in the engineering industry.


Just as Samsung Engineering has built its industrial capacity by partnering with other major players in the EPC industry, so too has Samsung Engineering reached out to national and international environmental education organizations. By combining our resources and infrastructure with their experience in education, Samsung Engineering has made an impact on how young people think about the natural world.

MoU Signed with UNEP Headquarters

In the years since it was established, the Korean Eco-Generation website (Kumpooh) has become one of the largest online environmental education resources in Korea. Wishing to expand the program overseas, Samsung Engineering partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2006 to launching an English-language version ( In September 2011, Samsung Engineering and the UNEP main office signed an MoU outlining a plan to co-manage an environmental-networking platform for young people ( This platform is an environmental SNS that enables members to connect and get involved in environmental issues.

MoU for Educational Donation

In August 2011, Samsung Engineering and the Korean Ministry of Education and Science Technology signed an MoU to work together to raise environmental awareness in children by expanding the hands-on learning components of the Eco-Generation program. Thanks to these improvements, Eco-Generation gives children the opportunity to meet and learn from the company's own environmental experts. Samsung Engineering also runs a program that invites groups of students and their teachers to visit our environmentally important project sites, in the hopes that we can further their scientific curiosity by giving them valuable hands-on experience.


Global Youth for the Environment Forum

We opened the Junior Engineering Academy to attract global youths' interest in engineering so that we can make our society sustainable with such as water treatment technologies, petrochemical energy, and renewable energy. Junior Engineering Academy aims at fostering future engineers, and adolescents can learn the different types of engineering and how they are applied to our society through diverse activities.


Green Awards for Youth

In 2012, Eco-Generation launched the "Green Awards for Youth," a national contest held annually to encourage interest in the environment and to promote environmental club activities in elementary and junior high schools. Through this program, Samsung Engineering provides support funds and scholarships to clubs that demonstrating an outstanding dedication to the environment. The teachers associated with the award-winning clubs are also given funds for research.


Eco-generation School

Eco-Generation School sends Samsung Engineering employees to elementary schools to conduct classes on environmental preservation. After a lecture on energy, these classes give students a chance to learn through various hands-on activities such as building a solar fan. The program was first launched in South Korea in 1996, but in 2012, it was also adopted by Samsung Engineering India. Starting in India, the program was also launched in Thailand in 2013, in China, Uzbekistan and Bolivia in 2014, in Mexico in 2015, and in UAE in 2016. We will continuously expand this program to Samsung Engineering's other global branches and sites.


Green Awards for Youth

Each year, Eco-Generation hosts various environmental awareness contests, inviting children from around the globe to submit essays, posters, and speeches on the environment. The purpose of these contests is to give young people from places such as Saudi Arabia, India and Thailand a chance to think about environmental issues and raise environmental awareness so that future generations can help grow their communities in a more eco-friendly way.



Korean :

In 2000, we launched the website of Kumpooh, the original domestic Eco-Generation program. Ever since setting up the website, Kumpooh has provided visitors with environmental education through articles, videos, games, cartoons, and quizzes. To enhance student participation, we have assigned eco-reporters who write news articles about the environmental issues that impact their communities. Articles written by young people for young people are more effective at spreading the message about the importance of the environment. Through the website, we also offer students a variety of online events to increase awareness of environmental issues

English :

Eco-Generation's international website ( is run and managed in partnership with UNEP and serves as a global platform for environmental education and networking for young people. To facilitate this goal, the website nominates environmental awareness ambassadors from different countries twice a year to help spread international education. The site also runs various other programs for promoting environmental awareness.