We regard safety as a key principle in managing our business. The safety of our employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders is paramount value for us and we are fully committed to ensure everybody stays safe.

Safety & Health Management Goals and Framework

To contribute in building a sustainable society together with our employees, clients, partners and the communities. We carry out our activities to prevent serious incidents, supported by our Safety Culture philosophy “S.A.Y” (Safety Around You). S.A.Y promotes a culture that complements our safety and health objectives: “Establishing a Culture of Care & Commitment”, “Enhancement of Operational Processes” and “Innovation through Digital Transformation”. In addition, to ensure the effective implementation of all strategies of safety management, we have appointed a Chief Safety Officer (CSO) who acts as the conduit between senior leadership and project management.

Safety & Health Objectives

  • Establishing a Culture of Care & Commitment

  • Enhancement of Operational Processes

  • Innovation through Digital Transformation

Safety & Health Management Governance Framework

Safety and Health Policy

Samsung Engineering places Safety & Health of its customers, employees and local communities as its utmost priority. We endeavor to prevent incidents and create a friendly and safe workplace where Safety and Health is given principle importance at all stages of our business activities and to continuously improve it.

To achieve this we perform following:

  • In all business process & activities Safety & Health is a top priority.
  • Through active participation & cooperation achieve a self-governing Safety Culture.
  • Implementing risk assessments that identify and reduce risk levels for improved prevention of incidents.
  • In the event of an incident, identify root causes & establish measures to prevent reoccurrence.

Based on this policy, everyone shall align themselves to the target in their activities, establish plans, execute those plans and regular monitor and share these with their stakeholders for continuous improvement.

Duckkyu Moon
/ Samsung Engineering
Executive Vice President & CSO

18th January 2023

Hong Namkoong
/ Samsung Engineering
President & CEO

18th January 2023

S.A.Y (Safety Around You)


SAY, Safety Around You

Samsung Engineering’s Culture Program,
S.A.Y "Safety Around You"
Forming a project culture through and Care and Commitment

  • The main color of the text represents our company's identity.

  • Reminiscent of a clear sky, meaning comfortable to communicate and Care

  • The center line of the type is a barrier to communication, and by omitting it, we are breaking down that barrier.

  • Reminiscent of safe to progress and positive signals, meaning a safe working environment

Identity Story

  • S.A.Y

    S.A.Y your worries, concerns and inconveniences.

  • Safety Around You

    We work together to create a safest workplace possible, Safety Around You.

Core Value

  • Respect Respect and Care

    Ethical leadership is key for a successful project culture driven by respectful conversations with each other.

  • Communication Communicate life with each other

    We keep each other safe by identifying and speaking up about hazards round us.

  • Prevention Preventing harm

    Preventing harm to each other, the environment and the communities around us.

Culture Program Framework

  • S.A.Y Forum

    Safety DNA Alignment
    (Establish Project Vision & Value)

  • S.A.Y
    Commitment Workshop

    Establish Project Culture
    Goals & Action Plans

  • S.A.Y Leadership Meeting

    Review Project
    Culture Progress

  • S.A.Y Coaching
    • Culture coaching for Project leadership
    • TBM leader(SV, Foreman)
    • Worker
  • S.A.Y Activity
    • Incentive & Reward, Campaign
    • Other PJT-specific activities
  • S.A.Y Training
    • Culture Training for Project leadership
    • TBM leader(SV, Foreman)
    • Worker
  • S.A.Y Feed Back
    • Culture Interview, Mobile survey
    • Learning Team
    • Culture Level Analysis

Safety and Health Improvement Activities

Daily S-Cycle

The Daily S-Cycle is a process that helps to prevent incidents through a series of daily safety activities. Project Leaders and Workers directly participate in all processes throughout the Daily S-Cycle. From the construction supervisors & foreman, a TBM leaders will be chosen who will receive specialized TBM leader training. The TBM Leader will deliver to their work crews the daily work details, risks and safety measures that all are to comply with to prevent incidents.

Daily S-Cycle img

Safety Training

The safety of our employees, clients, partners, and stakeholders is regarded as a key value on our projects, and we provide various training programs to raise safety awareness.

Safety Training Description
Training Program Description
S.A.Y Training Training for all employees to emphasize the importance of safety and all components to build a safety culture
Site Assignee Safety Training Online/offline training on safety and health principles and standards for overseas site assignees
Emergency Response Training Develop and manage an emergency response plans to protect people from various disasters and incidents. Training for swift and organized response
Safety Talk Everyday, each team has a Safety Talk on safety, health and environmental topics everyday before starting work.


  • KOSHA MS / Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency

    Our safety and health management system received KOSHA MS from Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency.

  • ISO 45001:2018 / LRQA

    We acquired and maintain the ISO 45001 certification from LRQA(Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance) for our safety and health management system. Through this certification, we have established and implemented a safety and health management system based on PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) to continuously eliminate risk, to take effective prevention and protection measures at the headquarter, sites, corporations, and branches.